Services / Agistment
Various Packages Available

Training and agistment

Standard agistment

Open agistment
(on QS2 our adjoining farm)

Services / Arena & Facilities Hire

The arena may be hired for day or night sessions

Que Sera Farm may be hired for clinics or events

Stabling, day yards and camping available at extra cost

Agistment Details

All agisted horses are looked after to the highest standards by experienced staff. Various packages are available to suit owners’ requirements.

  • Large shelters in each paddock on and jason property
  • Stables
  • All horses: Fed as required. Unless arrangements with client
  • Rugging to suit climatic conditions
  • Rugs and saddle blankets (washing available on site)
  • Worming and shoeing as required (additional charges apply).
  • Immediate contact with clients if veterinary attention is required
  • Que Sera uses the services of two Veterinary clinics. Your Vet if preferred

Training And Agistment Per Horse

Every horse has an individual plan tailored to them including feeding, stabling etc. as required

Horse enjoys 5* care and management by professional staff

Clients with horses agisted at Que Sera (QS1) may use covered arena, horse walker and round yard. Arena lighting is charged on an hourly rate

Rug washing available

Standard Agistment Per Horse

Horse is agisted in a maintained paddock with shelter; fed hay and hard feed twice daily (or as needed)

Horse is checked daily. Staff liaise with farrier\vet when requested

Mares and foals are considered ‘one horse’ until foal is weaned and needs a separate paddock.

Open Agistment Per Horse (Limited Availability)

Horse is agisted in open or shared, paddock with supplemental hay when needed but not hard fed.

Owner is responsible for all farrier\vet visits (unless it is an emergency). All such services for the account of the owner

Clients may use covered arena, horse walker and round yard at standard charges